Dear Families,

We wanted to share some friendly reminders with you as the recital is quickly approaching.

Please be sure to pick up your dress rehearsal schedule and summer packet at the front desk. Dress rehearsal on Saturday June 7th is mandatory! If a student is not at dress rehearsal they WILL NOT be allowed to perform in the recital.

Costumes are ready to go home as long as your balance is paid in full, including Term 5. For those students with several different types of shoes, please be sure you know which type/color your instructor wants you to wear.

Recital tickets went on sale April 14 on line at They will be available online thru dress rehearsal. On recital day, Sunday June 8th, they can be purchased at the box office window at West High. If you have a child in the 1:00 show who would like to come back and see the 7:00 show, their ticket is $6.00. The younger dancers really enjoy watching the “big girls and boys” recital, and it’s a great way to see what they will be able to do in the future!

If you (Moms, Grandmas, Aunts etc.) would like to volunteer to help in the girls’ dressing room for the 1:00 recital please sign up in the office. If you are volunteering, you will stay in the back for the duration of the show. You will accompany your group to the back stage door, you may then go into the audience to watch your child perform, pick the class up at the stage door and accompany them back to the dressing room.  If a child has more than one dance you will help her change into her costume.

Our first picture day is Saturday May 17th. We have more picture schedules available if you have misplaced yours. All pictures are taken at the dance academy. Please do not wear your costume to the academy. Bring it along on a hanger and get your child dressed when you arrive. As the date gets closer there will be order forms available with the different packages to choose from.

Procedure for dress rehearsal on Saturday, June 7th

Dress rehearsal is at West Aurora High School auditorium. You need to have your child dressed in costume, hair pulled back, (make up is optional) by the call time listed on your schedule. Please do not put underwear on underneath your child’s tights! You will be asked to take it off. Once the stage lights are on, whatever pattern is on the underwear will show thru the costume. There is no jewelry allowed, and what ever you use to secure her hair should be plain and match the hair color as closely as possible. The only hair accessory in her hair should be the headpiece that came with the costume. If you have more than one dance you may leave after your first dance is finished and come back for the later one. Everyone is welcome to stay and watch as long as you like. Please be ready by your call time –Do Not Be Late! In order to stay on schedule we will not be able to wait for tardy students.

            Procedure for recital day on Sunday, June 8th

All dancers and volunteers need to be at West Aurora High School at 11:30 am. You will be directed to the girls’ dressing room which is the school’s cafeteria. Sorry Dad’s – only females allowed. You will take your child to her first dance table. There will be large signs at each table, so if you are a “Mermaid”, you take her to the “Mermaid” table. Please do not wear your costume to the school! Carry it along on a hanger in a garment bag with a label, and put it on her when you arrive at the table. If your child has more than one dance you need to take her costume(s) to the table(s) of her other dances. Her costume, tights, headpiece, and shoes should all be in a garment bag clearly labeled with her name and title of dance. We have labels in the office if you would like to pick one up to tape to the out side of each costume bag. Please do not send your child with a dance bag containing all of their shoes! Each pair of shoes needs to be bagged with costume they go with. There are hundred’s of little ballet slippers back there. Make up is MANDATORY on recital day. You are responsible for applying your child’s make up. Please use a powder/bronzer, a bright blush, red lipstick, and brown eye shadow. We are using full stage lighting, so makeup is necessary and needs to be applied darker than usual! If you feel your child will need a snack you may send something. Please choose a peanut free dry snack, and water only!! Remember we are all in costumes and spills will happen. Feel free to send coloring books or activities, no markers please.

There will be a curtain call at the end of the show. This is when each class goes across the stage one last time for a final bow / wave.

Flowers for Dreams will be selling congratulatory flower bouquets for your performances this year at West Aurora High School on the day of the recital. You may then present these to your dancer after the show.

Coral Lane Productions will be recording both recitals on Sunday June 8th. If you would like to purchase a DVD, those order forms will be available in the lobby the academy in May, as well. You are free to video and take flash photography on dress rehearsal Saturday, June 7th.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We are always happy to show off our students on our walls in the academy. If you have a photo you would like to share, just bring it in a black picture frame and we will hang it up!!



Thank you,


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